Goats Milk…its not just for soap (or Cheese) 

Lets have a look at what goat milk brings to the table…Weather you’re drinking it, eating it or using it on the skin, there’s much to learn about the benefits of goat milk. Here we look at consuming this amazing liquid. Check out my other post on the benefits of goat milk soap here…Goat Milk…

Goat Milk Soap & Why its so damn good.

The heavyweight champion of skin nourishing soap! Whether you drink it, eat products made of it, or use it in your skincare routine. We all know that goat milk is amazing…Goat milk and goat milk products have been used for thousands of years. However, it has recently gained popularity as people are starting to realise…

So what is a natural ingredient?

So what is a Natural Ingredient? Natural: Adjective : Existing in or derived from nature; not made or caused by humankind. Currently, I’m looking out of my window at our little Calendula flowers, still a little wet from the shower earlier today. Reminding myself that, before the sun sets, I must go pick some flowers…

Introducing the Nigerian Dwarfs

Vol.1 When you need more milk.But want mini goats. We all know Pippinwood is about mini goats… But when the time came to step up our natural skincare business, there was only one option. Enter The Nigerian Dwarf goat. These beautiful little creatures are still new to Australia. With their beautiful personality, gentle nature and abundance…

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Hi, Im Nelly, I’m just a goat-crazed, farm girl, with the scientific mind that wants to help those like me. Whether I can offer help, advise, a solution, a vision… Whatever it may be, I’m here to help inspire those around me to do what they love.
My passion is natural, clean & simple living. I live the simple life, on our farm. Surrounded by unconditional love from my beautiful animals. I’m blessed that I found my home amongst nature with natural beings.

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